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So, the Christmas Season is upon us. It must be, the Supermarkets are playing seemingly endless Christmas Songs, have perfect trees in the foyers and mince pies for sale on every aisle.

Our TV screens are awash with Christmas adverts from John Lewis to TK Maxx, all looking beautifully seasonal, with shoppers adorned in the warmest, cosiest jumpers, coats ,scarves and gloves all with dashes of Santa Red and lashings of Snow in evidence, on streets and rooftops.

So despite the Goodwood Downs maintain their greenery, the Petworth trees hanging on to their Autumnal glow, and the roads to Chichester remaining ice free, we have, in a moment of festive indulgence, embraced the media trend of fooling Mother Nature, and decided to heap a large measure of Snow onto the Grounds of The Manor House

If you are planning on taking a Christmas Break, or visiting relatives over the Festive Period, why not take a look at our self catering suites to see if we can accommodate you. However, we can’t guarantee the snow will still be here!

Our Arundel, Petworth & Goodwood Suites can accommodate different size parties of up to 8, and can be booked together to accommodate larger groups.

Have a look at our Christmas Slideshow, before the snow melts!!!


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