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As you may know, during our renovations we discovered an unopened letter behind a closed off Fireplace. Dilemma was whether to open it, but we had to know what was inside. Once opened  we found 3 pages of beautiful script which turned out to be a love letter of sorts.





We would like to express our thanks to, among others, Gemma Hooper, Pat Hutton, Gill Shaw, David Gadd, Nina Farr, Pat Saunders & Les Cohen for their time and efforts in working on this delicate puzzle for The Manor House, I’m sure you will agree it proved to be a poignant recollection of days before texting/emailing when letters meant so much.


Here is, as best as we can work out the deciphered letter…


“Of course every thing is too splendid for words and the care was too wonderful, I feel so happy 
Do ring me up on Tuesday at lunch time, but if you are not in
then ring me up here, when you arrive.

On Sunday I went with Mother to lunch at Claridges & tonight I am going to see ?Kebs, then we are going 

to dance afterwards but don’t worry darling, I will be very good, you know that, & there are 6 of us going.

On Saturday I lunched at the Ritz with Mrs Bell & met Captain Hanky again.

I am simply longing for Friday to come, it seems much too good to be true, only wish today was Friday.

We had a wire from Joe yesterday which said “Cheerio, this is the stuff with which to stick them”, so Mother is ever so happy.

?Dab Darling, don’t worry about me, because you know I would do anything for you & always will.

My very best love to your Mother & Leathe.

Do tell me that I really may come down for the weekend.

All my love darling

R – – –